MediCannaposium™ – where can you find the leading physicians and researchers on Medical Cannabis in one place?

MediCannaposium™ is Dr. Sasha’s creation – a live 1-day symposium dedicated to educating and training physicians on practical applications of medical cannabis. This event features workshops, seminars and discussion on, what else, Medical Cannabis. No other symposium provides you with the roadmap that will elevate your medical cannabis knowledge and transform that knowledge into viable ways that can help your patients and your practice the way MediCannaposium™ will!

Attendance will be limited to promote effective discussion and transformation so that you can be prepared to implement changes in your practice right away!

Hosted by Dr. Sasha – the only known dual doctorate, board certified physician in the US with a PhD in the field of molecular cannabinoid research, Dr. Sasha’s award-winning published research has contributed towards the advancement of the therapeutic potential for cannabis over the last two decades

Join other innovative physicians as we lead the way in transforming our patients lives and apply cutting edge research, technology and treatments in medical cannabis!

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